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Welcome to CII- AVANTHA Centre For Competitiveness For SMEs

Established in 2004, today Chandigarh based CII-AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs is a one stop shop for SME development. With a pan India approach, the Centre plays role of a guide and mentor for SMEs by its ‘Cluster Approach’, which enables SMEs to learn through sharing of knowledge with other Cluster companies. Best Practices and a detailed road map for enhancing productivity and efficiency for Cluster companies is charted and implemented by the seasoned counselors of the Centre.

The Centre works exclusively to enhance the competitiveness of MSMEs, through interventions in areas such as Manufacturing Excellence, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management, Total Employee Involvement, e-Learning, Corrosion Management etc. Our Pro-active International Engagements ensure that we are in tune with the cutting edge of global Competitiveness in order to transmit the same to the Indian SMEs. More than 220 Training programmes have been held in the last 3 years, benefitting more than 3500 delegates.

7th National Cluster Summit 2014